Services of San Luca nursing home

San Luca nursing home is the perfect place for elderly people to live independently while also enjoying the safety of readily available healthcare professionals. It is also very well suited for short vacations.

Our Guests above all

Your own personal style, well-being and quality of life will be with you at San Luca Residence. We kept our guests in mind when we conceived this nursing home, inspired by luxury hotels and enhanced by bespoke services.
In this delicate phase of life, it's important to pay special attention to both physical and psychological health : our carefully selected personnel will quickly address any kind of request, medical or otherwise, while lovers of gourmet cuisine will be delighted by our restaurant.

Cooperation with hospitals

The national health fund takes charge of medical exams and nursing for Swiss residents. Our guests have constant and personalized care, assisted by our healthcare staff around the clock, as well as doctors from nearby medical facilities who provide therapies. If they so wish, our guests are free to chose from several doctors and health visitor services.

FisioUp physical therapy clinic

FisioUp is a physical therapy clinic, located inside San Luca nursing home. The services offered by this modern and welcoming clinic deal with the various illnesses afflicting different age groups in the muscoloskeletal system, posture, and neurology.
Personalized patient treatment techniques include manual therapy, exercise therapy and electrotherapy.
Our goal is helping patients to function normally in their daily lives and work. In the case of chronic problems, we teach techniques to treat pain autonomously to improve quality of life.
We have a spacious treatment room and a rehabilitation gym for exercises.
FisioUp is available for guests of the nursing home as well as external patients.

FisioUp logo

Stabio Thermal Spa

Thanks to our cooperation agreement with the Thermal baths of Stabio, our guests can take advantage of special discounts, personalized treatments, a team of professional therapists and all the other services of the spa, which include a hair salon and aesthetician.

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Treatment and other services

San Luca Residence is well suited for permanent sojourns or convalescence, thanks to our close cooperation with hospitals in the area, and our internal physical therapy clinic. We also provide mundane services such as dry-cleaning, administrative assistance, transportation and so on.

Our flat-rate fee includes the following:

Cultural and leisure activities

The nursing home opened its gates during the summer of 2018, and up until now activities are planned on a day-to-day basis, according to our guests individual needs. The surrounding area offers plenty of leisure and shopping opportunities, with the cities of Mendrisio and Chiasso in close proximity. The Mendrisio region has a rich history, with a vibrant local community.